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Welcome to Holistic Oasis Studio in Calgary, Alberta, a Holistic Healing provider that specializes in treating injuries, strains, imbalances and any chronic discomfort that keeps you from enjoying life to the fullest.

What is Holistic Healing?

Simply put, Holistic Healing is the treatment of Mind and Body. Going beyond the boundaries of our health care system (which often provides 'band aid' solutions by treating symptoms while leaving the problem undiagnosed). Holistic therapy strives to find and treat the core issues causing your bodily stress.
Sandi's focus is making you well as quickly as possible, using safe methods of alternative healing.

Is Holistic Healing for you?

If you are suffering pain and current medications and therapies are not achieving the results you need, Sandi urges you to visit!  For a full breakdown of Holistic Healing practices, please check Sandi's Services menu, or come in for a consultation so Sandi can determine which therapy is best suited for your type of injury. And feel free to read a few Testimonials to see what clients have to say about their experiences.

Bowen and Sandi were a godsend! Itís something that anyone with chronic pain should try!
- Brad Mansfield

I would highly recommend
trying it out, it works!!
- Mitch Moroz- Oil Kings,
Drafted by the Edmonton

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Sessions I had with Sandi had a
faster result than anything
I have tried! - James Malec

If you are interested in holistic therapy Calgary, then Holistic Oasis Studio is the place for you. Browse our site at holisticoasisstudio.com for more information about our services.


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