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Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that also promotes healing.  It’s done through touch.    A warm and soothing energy flows from the hands into the client, promoting relaxation and releasing tension.   This energy is thought to be guided spiritually by the universal energy.  It is effective in helping virtually every known illness and can help with emotional issues too, such as depression and anxiety.   Reiki works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.  Everyone can do Reiki, they just have to receive the attunement!  

My classes are very informative but I like to make them interesting and fun as well!  There  will be no bigger than 6 people  to a class!   A manual will be provided  from the International Reiki Center. The benefits one receives from being attuned are huge! 

Usui Reiki level 1- history and information will be done in the morning along with the level 1 attunement.    After lunch, time  will be spent on practicing Byosen Scanning, performing self reiki, and then working on a person.  A manuel is included.
175.00 plus gst.    Available Upon Request.

Usui Reiki level 2-   history and information in the morning.   Learn the reiki symbols.   Learn how to heal from a distance.   Receive the level 2 attunement.   After lunch, practice level 1 skills and add on new symbols to strengthen the energy.  Practice Byosen scanning, distance healing, and working on a person.  
175.00 plus gst.   Available Upon Request.

Usui Reiki level 3
Manual and certificate
In this level you learn to use crystals with Reiki, make a crystal grid, how to do psychic surgery, working with Reiki energy and learning to connect and channel with your reiki guides.

Usui Masters level 4    – Available Upon Request.

"I have completed both Reiki 1 and 2 with Sandi and truly enjoy her classes. Sandi's instruction and work is very gentle yet passionate and I felt much more calm and present after learning from her. The classes are small and intimate, which helped me feel comfortable with the process and in asking questions. The lessons were very engaging, and even continued after the class as Sandi was always available for additional questions and support. Taking Reiki has increased my level of awareness and I am truly grateful for the experience to work with Sandi."
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