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Bowen/ EFT and Sports
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Bowen Therapy and Sports Performance

Bowen Therapy is finally being used more and more by elite and recreational athletes. It works by restoring, healing and balancing your whole body. It helps in treating injuries and shortening recovery time following training or competition.

The Benefits include:

  • Reduced recovery time between training sessions so the athlete can train harder and more frequently.
  • Less likelihood of developing sport injuries.
  • Reduced probability that a primary injury will lead to secondary injuries.
  • An increase in the length of the athletes career.
PRE EVENT - builds muscles, breaks down minor adhesions, releases colloidal histamine which leads to an increase in blood flow to muscles. Bowen stimulates the nervous system to promote healing thus increasing sports performance and decreasing likelihood of injury.
POST EVENT – helps to relax muscles, remove waste products such as lactic acid and debris from tissue breakdown and bring nutrients to the area. This helps to reduce soreness and decrease recovery time.
TRAINING – reduces the risk of injury and helps to maximize the effect of training. Quickens recovery time from tissue tension or inflammation.
REHABILITATION – reduces inflammation and scar tissue and returns muscle and tendon flexibility to normal. The speed of recovery improves and the likelihood of re-injury is reduced.

Treatment is not suitable immediately before a game as it is very relaxing but is recommended for right after an event, work out or injury.

EFT and Sports Performance

Elite and recreational athletes are using EFT to release mental, emotional, physical, and mechanical blocks that may be holding an athlete back. Issues like “am I good enough”, rejection and sadness from not making a team, or inability to focus on the game.

EFT assists to mentally push you further and achieve your goals. It can release the emotional and negative feelings from an upsetting game or event from the past.

EFT can optimize your daily energy. It can be used before and after events and work outs, so that you can be in harmony with yourself and the sport you love.

Uses For EFT

Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm, Physical pain and discomfort, Peak Athletic Performance, Weight loss, Fears and Phobias, Depression, Negative thinking, Anger and Resentment, Frustration, Jealousy, Grief and Sadness, Trauma, Rejection, Guilt and shame, Embarrassment, Relationship issues, Allergies, Addictive Cravings, Test anxiety, Public speaking,

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