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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese practice developed in 1922. The word Reiki means Universal energy (Rei= Universal force Ki= Energy.) It uses a technique some call 'palm healing', activating the body's natural ability to heal itself by creating an energy exchange (Ki) through the hands. Working in conjunction with the meridian energy lines and chakras, Ki flows to where it's needed most, removing blocks in the energy flow, cleansing toxins from the body and creating a natural state of balance.

By boosting the body's natural energy levels, the body becomes an ideal environment for healing to take place. Both the deep relaxation and sense of well-being that come from Reiki brings about a strong sense of inner peace and balance.

Benefits of Reiki:

Accelerates natural body healing
Stress reduction and relaxation
Body, Mind & Spirit balance
Reduces Pain
Cleanses toxins from the body
Aids sleep
Reduces anxiety or depression
Increases vitality
Supports the immune system
Helps spiritual growth & emotional clearing
Reinforces positive thinking

Patients of Reiki often experience warmth or tingling in the areas being treated. Deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being are the most immediate and noticeable effects of the treatment. I'd love to discuss this treatment option further, to see if it will meet your needs. Please visit my contact page for a consultation.

"I have now completed Reikie I and Reikie II with Sandi. The small, intimate class size allowed for a customized, personal experience. Sandi has a true gift as a healer and teacher and presents information at a pace that is immediately understood and applicable to my own healing and to my family. She introduces uses for Reikie that I didn't know about before taking the classes. I look forward to continuing through the more advanced levels of Reikie with Sandi as my guide and mentor! She is a true inspiration!"
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