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Bowen Testimonials

I have completed both Reiki 1 and 2 with Sandi and truly enjoy her classes. Sandi's instruction and work is very gentle yet passionate and I felt much more calm and present after learning from her. The classes are small and intimate, which helped me feel comfortable with the process and in asking questions. The lessons were very engaging, and even continued after the class as Sandi was always available for additional questions and support. Taking Reiki has increased my level of awareness and I am truly grateful for the experience to work with Sandi.


I injured my Rotator Cuff (Supraspinatus mussel) this past January slipping on some ice and reinjured the shoulder in a car accident in April. I have had approximately 26 normal therapy sessions since the original injury. The cost for the therapy was approximately $1700, partially paid for by myself and insurance. This therapy basically gave me some mobility in the arm but did not do much to relieve the constant pain. I also went to China in May on vacation and tried 3 sessions of acupuncture and cupping at a cost of $500. Unfortunately the doctor said I would need a few more sessions for the process to really work and be effective, however as my vacation was coming to a close so did the acupuncture.

Thinking my only other options were steroids or a long drawn out surgery, I came across an advertisement in a Calgary based health and wellness magazine called Trifecta that was advertising a different type of therapy called Bowen Therapy. At this point I felt I had nothing to lose, so I called Sandi at Holistic Oasis Studio 403 852 1200 for a consultation and appointment.

Since August, I have had 4 sessions and feel 90% pain free. The only pain discomfort I have now is during the night while I am sleeping. The sessions take between 45 and 60 minutes in a very relaxed environment with no pain or stress associated with the treatments. The treatments are based on precise movements that cause the body to relax and accelerate the healing.

I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical about the relaxed treatments during at my first visit but I am now a convert.

If you are not satisfied with your current therapy results, try giving Sandi a call.


As a dancer, I constantly deal with various levels and types of pain. I dance 8 hours and day and I Receive all kinds of treatment….massage, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, etc….I have noticed that when all else fails, Bowen Therapy works on a much deeper level than the other types of treatment. MY back has been hurting for years now, and immediately after my first Bowen treatment I felt a very noticeable difference. A lot of the tension was gone, there was less pain, I had a lot more mobility, inflammation was reduced. What’s also great about Bowen is that is not only worked on a physical level, but also emotional. After every treatment I felt happier , more relaxed, less stressed, and lighter! Bowen is deceptively gentle, but it works like magic. I recommend it to everyone now….my friends, my colleagues , my family. In my experience, it only takes one appointment to be convinced that Bowen works!

Alexandra Pera – Professional dancer with the Alberta Ballet

I have been seeing Sandi for the past few years to have treatments of Bowen completed on my ankle that I broke and most recently on my shoulder.  Bowen treatments have helped the healing process and moved everything along a lot quicker.  I have noticed improvement over the last two treatments on my shoulder of it relaxing and having some of the flexibility back pain free.

I highly recommend Bowen to anyone who is looking for a different type of treatment for injuries and a speedy recovery time.

Linda Wagner

Sandi has treated me on several occasions with Bowen Therapy for varying types of pain resulting from exercise and sports. I have never required more than 1-2 sessions to alleviate this. I recently completed the 2012 Kidney March and following this physically strenuous undertaking, I was experiencing what I’d consider somewhat normal pain and tightness in one knee and irregular issues with the other. True to form, all pain and functional issues resolved after one treatment and four days of rest, as per the post-therapy protocol.

It is the combination of Sandi’s caring demeanor and perceptive choices in treatment methods that make use of Holistic Oasis Studio a no-brainer.

Crystal Willms

I came to see Sandi with back pain and high levels of stress. A few sessions with Sandi using Bowen and EFT, and I had remarkable improvements to my back and stress levels. I also had knee and elbow issues that cleared up, though this wasn’t the main reason for treatment. I have tried everything over the years, and the sessions with Sandi had a faster result than anything else I have ever tried. If you are not getting the results from your current efforts, give Sandi a try. I am confident you won’t be disappointed.


After suffering multiple compression fractures on three of my lower lumbar vertebras, I was told that I may suffer back pain for the rest of my life. After taking part in Bowen and Reiki exercises with Sandi Melnychuk, my pain has reduce to nothing. I am a strong believer in Bowen and Reiki, and will continue to see Sandi for any further problems that I may endure in my life.

Tyler Preer

After years of playing Soccer, Rugby and running long distance, my body had taken a beating. I had somehow reluctantly accepted pain. My left knee was an area that Sandi worked on. I came away from two Bowen Therapy treatments considerably more confident in body strength and in a lot less pain.

I also experienced the wonder of Reiki at Holistic Oasis Studio. This Japanese practice was the most relaxing, spiritual and refreshing event in my life for many years.

Sandi has a gift of making patients feel relaxed, informed and at total peace. I would recommend Holistic Oasis Studio to anyone.


Sandi has performed Reiki on my broken femur for the last several weeks and I have to admit that I was a bit wary about what effect this would have in the healing process. Since the treatments have taken place, my pain level and overall state of mind have improved immensely. After each treatment, the pain is lessen and I am in a better place in my healing process. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing feeling that flows through and around you and just makes you feel better.

I believe since receiving the treatments that my healing process has increased from the scheduled timeframe and I am on a faster recovery schedule. I was in the car accident on June 24, 2011 and just after six weeks I was walking with a slight limp and no crutches. I would highly recommend treatments for any type of problem you may have and if you are looking for a drug free recovery. I am still doing other medical rehab programs and the Reiki treatments are an enhancement in those treatments and is helping me recover faster.

Sandi has also been using Bowen treatments on me as well and these combined with the Reiki are truly remarkable in helping me gain overall strength in my femur and I have had incredible bone growth which seem to help with the recovery. My medical doctors have commented on that it is a surprise at how fast I have recovered from the surgery and gotten the ability to walk on the leg already after such a short time. Usually the recovery time is much longer and can take up to 12 weeks. I totally believe that this is due to the Reiki and Bowen treatments I have received along with physiotherapy that I have been doing. I do not think that by just doing the physiotherapy that I would be at the point in my recovery that I am.

I highly recommend the treatment services that Sandi offers to anyone that feels that they need to take their healing to the next level. Since I started my treatments other members of my family have taken both Reiki and Bowen treatments and found that they feel much better after these sessions. Their issue have been stress and shoulder neck injury.

Tyler Wagner
Calgary, Alberta

Sandi is warm and inviting, instantly she makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. She is easy to talk to, and she just "gets it" which is key for me. After 2 visits with Sandi, one Bowen and EFT, life just seemed to turn onto easy street. Thanks a million!


I can’t say enough about Sandi or the benefits of the Bowen treatments! Sandi had just finished her certification, and as one of her first patients and myself new to Bowen, I was a little skeptical of what it would do for me. Bowenand Sandi were a godsend and something anyone who has chronic pain should try!

I had three problems that were causing me a lot of pain. The first two, a shoulder that wouldn’t allow me to throw overhand anymore and tendonitis in my elbow were corrected after only a few sessions. The third issue was my knee; a painful problem that I knew from a specialist would require a knee replacement when I turned 65. That would not be for another 10 years and I was in pain every day, so what did I have to lose. Bowen and Sandi have reduced the pain considerably and on some days it feels almost normal, something I scarcely believed possible after living with the pain for so long. I am glad I decided to take the chance and try it and with someone who is both competent and with the ability to make you feel relaxed.


After completing just 3 sessions of Bowen, I have been able to find relief after having pain for over 2 years! I'm on a fast track to being pain free for life.

Amanda B.

EFT Testimonials

I wanted to send you an email to give you an update on my driving phobia since the program mom and I attended.

I will have you know, that since then I actually have far less anxiety. I have even voluntarily driven downtown a few times now. I still have my moments but for the most part I now love driving. Like I actually go out of my way to take longer routes and driving for fun!

Anyways! Thank you!!


I was involved in a tragic automobile accident in 2010. I have felt all kinds of demons, gone through every possible alternative therapy known to man, but never lost hope. I first met Sandi in Dec of 2014. Where Sandi introduced me to this new technique of a form of alternative therapy called E.F.T.( Emotional Freedom Techniques). This form of therapy has proven to this big skeptic, that it does really work. The tapping technique accompanied with Sandi’s soothing voice sets your body up for complete and utter relaxation. If you are feeling stress, follow the steps outlined from Sandi’s meaningful instructions. So let the tapping begin!!!!!!!!!!


Last season with the jump from community to quadrant hockey it was a bit overwhelming and had a direct effect on my mental preparation. This year I tried EFT with Sandi at Holistic Oasis Studio and found that my mental preparation greatly improved! I am much more focused and positive in my game and practices thanks Sandi for everything you have done!!!

Jordan Penzo
Northstars AA Blazers.

Before I went to see Sandi I was so anxious about driving, and taking the road test, that I put it off for over 5 years.    After just one session with Sandi, I was hooked.  Sandi truly changed my life and how I deal with certain situations by teaching me this new technique  that I can now implement  it in my day to day life.  I am so grateful for what she has done and taught me.  I can confidently say that without having met with Sandi and having learned about tapping I may not have been able to conquer my fear and take  the road test. 

Orysia Androyo

Hockey Testimonials

I found Bowen treatment to be very effective and relaxing. The gentle yet stimulating movements ease any nagging injury or soreness. I would highly recommend trying it out, it works!

Mitch Moroz
Oil Kings, drafted by The Edmonton Oilers

Bowen therapy has helped me recover after hockey and makes my performance better on the ice!

Austin Wagner
Midget AAA Northstars, drafted to the Regina Pats & Team Alberta

Bowen is truly amazing! The effect after just one use is outstanding and gives blatent results!

Dyson Simpson
Minor AAA Northstars

Went to see Sandi for my shoulder injury. After 1 treatment, I was back playing hockey the next day and my slapshot was 10 times harder!! She’s amazing!!

Shadee Merhi
Minor AAA Northstars

EFT helps boost my confidence on ice and Bowen keeps my body in great form!

Josh Melnychuk
Minor AAA Northstars


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